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Fri Sep 16 14:31:23 EDT 2011

If I had to select one tree (without regard to climate)I would take a Magness or Warren pear tree on OHxF 333 or 282 rootstock and graft on Harvest Queen, Harrow Sweet and Harrow Delight.

Here is the reasoning:  You will have a rootstock and tree that gives you theoretically widely adapted fireblight susceptibility (note in greter Chicagoland my experience is Magness is susceptible to fireblight).  All the varieties are known for their fireblight resistance, all four are very good to best quality and have great Bartlett class flavor and yet you harvest will be spread of a very long time and tow of them have excellent storage ability.  Also you will have something to eat while you wait for Magness or Warren to bear - LOL!!!

Early: Harrow Delight
Mid: Harvest Queen
Mid-late: Magness
Late: Harrow Sweet

All of these tend to grow okay on one tree.  In other words one is not far more vigorous than the other and this may solve the Magness pollen problem – LOL!

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