[NAFEX] Pear recommendations for a single home tree?

Claude Jolicoeur cjoli at gmc.ulaval.ca
Thu Sep 15 12:11:24 EDT 2011

A 20:12 11.09.14 -0400, vous avez écrit :
>Here's what I've found out so far about pears.  Lon - thanks for the 
>recommendation of Seckel

It would be really helpful to know where you live and the climatic zone you
are in... And also if fire blight is bad in your location. 

Also, a certain variety will not give identical fruits in different places
- this is the "Terroir" effect. Seckel (as an example) may be great in many
places, but may be poor in certain other locations, depending on soil,
quantity of rain, of sun, etc. Same with Clapp and most others. 

About Clapp, it is grown commercially in Ontario. I find it very good. It
is one of the earliest pears.

If you are in zone 4 (as I am, in Quebec), then you are limited to cold
hardy varieties, and I find Patten one of the best here.

Good luck!

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