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> There has been some discussion of late among members of Midfex as
> to the relative merits of using a grafting tool in place of a knife.
> I tried to search Nafex by googling and also did some spot checking
> on the archives for mention of the use of this tool, but could find
> nothing.  Either I missed it, or Nafex people are just not interested
> in these tools.
> Midfex teaches grafting with a knife and we occasionally get some
> injuries with the beginners.  Some members are pushing for these tools
> as an alternative.  I have never used one, but hear they have 
> limitations, especially on smaller size wood.  I have also seen
> discussion sites where people say they don't work.  I have heard that
> commercial orchards and some mail order nurseries use them, but is this
> a tool that would work well for the backyard orchardist?

I have two Key Hole or Omega grafters. Purchased the second one because it 
was recommended. I made about three grafts and threw it in the drawer with 
the first one. It does create a problem with small diameter wood. The scion 
pivots on the ball and breaks the cambium lose. I have the "V" cut bench 
grafter and love it. Have had it for maybe 20 years. 

Another tool I like is a Sears Carpet cutter. The blade is about 4 inches 
long and it makes a nice first cut for the whip & tongue graft. Replacement 
blades are cheap. After the diagonal cut simply make the tongue and grove 
cuts with a utility knife. 


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