[NAFEX] Royalty crab-apple: edible or not?

Dr. Lucky Pittman lucky.pittman at murraystate.edu
Wed Sep 14 16:49:30 EDT 2011

When I was a kid(40+ years ago), my mom made crabapple jelly from the fruits
of whatever red-fleshed/rosybloom ornamental crabs that were planted on the
grounds of the Holiday Inn motel at Auburn AL, that my dad managed.  
I have no idea what variety they were, but were prodigious producers of
tasty(to us kids, anyway) 3/4 to 1" dark red, red-fleshed crabapples. 
So...my answer would be YES, if she has enough fruit to work with, I'll
guess that they'd make a good jelly - may not even need any added pectin.


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I have a friend wondering if she can use Royaltry crab-apples for jelly.
 Anyone have personal experience?  My Royalty tree is still sitting in its 5
gallon pot awaiting transplanting!  lol

She's too far away for me to taste them for her, but my guess was that if
they are high in tannin (as judged by tasting) that they won't make good


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