[NAFEX] It's the mini kiwi fruit you don't need to peel... introducing the Kiwee (Daily Mail, London, UK)

mIEKAL aND qazingulaza at gmail.com
Mon Sep 12 17:49:53 EDT 2011

Yes, of course, Evan, but in this case the only thing that is really
new is giving it the name Kiwee, which is just plain silly.  I mean,
why not call them teletubby fruit or something...


On Mon, Sep 12, 2011 at 4:38 PM, Evan <kodama at riseup.net> wrote:
> mIEKAL wrote: " Funny how the article gives the impression that they are something new developed in response to kids not eating fuzzy skin..."
> Seems to me like it's just part of the Industrial Myth that things are always getting better because new consumer novelties are being introduced.
> -Evan

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