[NAFEX] apple tree with fireblight

Ernest Plutko ernestplutko at wiktel.com
Fri Sep 9 15:07:40 EDT 2011

Hard to remove fire blight.  But it depends on what variety of apple.
Some varieties have a some degree of resistance.  You can fight it
for years and it keeps coming back if the tree doesn't die first. 
Good luck.  If the tree is badly infected cut it down and burn before
it spreads to your other trees.  I have cut out the infected branches
on some trees and they lived OK.

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>	Hi,
>		Should an apple tree (with about 20% of it's growth) affected with
>	looks like fire-blight be removed entirely? Or should I try to
>rehabilitate the tree?
>	It is an espaliered tree. I do not mind removing it if it will be a
>source of disease for my
>	other trees.
>				Sincerely,
>					Peter Drevniok, Gatineau, QC zone 5
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