[NAFEX] Chokecherries

Ernest Plutko ernestplutko at wiktel.com
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Right, chokecherries grow on bushes here about 6 feet high. 
Chokecherries are too astringent and it takes a lot of sugar to make
the juice tolerable.  Then the juice leaves a unpleasant taste in my

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>mIEKAL wrote, "I'm curious how you pick chokecherries?  Usually I see
>good looking fruit on very tall trees.  Do you have planting that you
>pruned shorter or are picking wild trees?"
>    Either you are looking at Wild Black Cherry, Prunus serotina,
>grows up to 60' tall and closely resembles chokecherry in fruiting
>habit, or 
>your chokecherry trees get taller than they do here.  Here,
>trees die before they grow taller than 15'.  When picking, we pull
>the trees 
>down like the bears do.  Chokecherry is quite flexible and rarely
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