[NAFEX] Chokecherries

Jim Fruth jimfruth at charter.net
Fri Sep 9 09:17:49 EDT 2011

mIEKAL wrote, "I'm curious how you pick chokecherries?  Usually I see the 
good looking fruit on very tall trees.  Do you have planting that you keep
pruned shorter or are picking wild trees?"

    Either you are looking at Wild Black Cherry, Prunus serotina, which 
grows up to 60' tall and closely resembles chokecherry in fruiting habit, or 
your chokecherry trees get taller than they do here.  Here, chokecherry 
trees die before they grow taller than 15'.  When picking, we pull the trees 
down like the bears do.  Chokecherry is quite flexible and rarely break.

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