[NAFEX] Which birds?

Zeugitai zeugitai at gmail.com
Wed Sep 7 16:58:46 EDT 2011

Here in northwestern Iowa, the summer was extremely humid and uncomfortable
and it really got me down.  I did not get out into my small, young orchard
much on that account.  Now that I've gone out to assess the damage, the two
problems that occurred are:

1) birds have pecked slashes across the faces of half the crop (75 apples).

2) worms are found in half of them.

We are surrounded by farmland.  In spite of that, we seldom have crows
anywhere near us.  I have a lot of sparrows and finches around my two acres;
some mourning doves; a few robins.  Who is the most likely culprit?

As to the worms, I intend to spray next year for the first time.  If
possible, I'd like to spray something that is listed as being for organic,
but as to the precise timing, I'd appreciate the advice of a fellow
upper-midwesterner for starters.


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