[NAFEX] American plum (wild plum; P. americana) - Discussion of edibility.

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If Canadian plum trees have fungus they will drop their dry fruit
which are bitter and unripe.  

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Discussion of edibility.
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>This is, for the most part, a re-visit of a topic I initiated last
>year regarding the edibility of certain native wild plum species,
>particularly American plum (P. americana), Chickasaw plum (P.
>angustifolia), wild-goose plum/Munson's plum (P. munsoniana) and
>Canadian plum (P. nigra) - these in comparison to beach plum (P.
>How edible is American plum (P. americana)?  I've only tasted beach
>plum (excellent).  I have seedling American plums from Oikos, from
>St. Lawrence (NYS), and from the wild of Pennsylvania.  I wonder how
>these would compare, in terms of edible characteristics:
>*to beach plum
>*to the celebrated (historically - and by Ken Asmus) wild-goose plum
>cv. 'wild goose'
>*to Canadian plum
>*to Chickasaw plum
>*or if you've never tried other native wild plums, just your
>impression of American plum alone
>Some say that American plum is incredibly astringent and not very
>good for fresh eating; others say that it's delicious - just discard
>the astringent skin.  If you comment on this topic, please be sure
>that you are describing your personal experience with American plum
>(not other wild plums, such as mexican plum, Chickasaw plum,
>Allegheny plum, or naturalized European plum, etc.)  Keep in mind,
>this is not a topic that includes issues of cultivation - including
>its potential to sucker undesirably.  
>One report suggests that wild-goose plum (P. munsoniana) is the best
>of the wild plums for fresh eating; another (an old text) suggests
>that wild-goose plum is no better (flavor-wise) then most wild
>American plums (P. americana), but has better disease resistance.
>Steve; NJ 6b/7a
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