[NAFEX] Gravenstein Apples Struggle to Survive in Sonoma County

Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Sat Sep 3 12:45:11 EDT 2011

Yes, I actually hate the wine industry for converting some of the best
orchard land in the U.S. into this monoculture of vinifera.  Used to be
(several decades ago) able to drive through that area in the season and
sample the finest fruit imaginable from roadside stands- now it's all about
wine tasting.

A few years back I was driving from SF to Eureka to visit family and was
searching "fruitlessly" for just such a stand in Sonoma County on the side
roads.  I had  almost given up when I spotted a small orchard with signs
about fruit for sale.  It was managed by a quite elderly couple who had sold
all the land around them to grape growers.  We hit it off and they had me
try everything in season and a couple things out of the freezer.

I'm sure the orchard is gone by now as the couple would be in their 100's if
they were somehow still alive.

Most of the stonefruit growing is now done further inland where conditions
aren't as favorable for highest quality fruit except figs.

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