[NAFEX] Native form of raspberry (Rubus spp. strigosus)

Dr. Chiranjit Parmar parmarch_mnd at dataone.in
Sun Oct 30 11:44:24 EDT 2011

There is a very good wild growing raspberry (Rubus elleipticus) in the mid 
Himalayan region of North West India.  It is the TASTIEST raspberry I have 
eaten.  There is chapter on it in Fruitipedia at the following link and you 
can read more about it there.


If you are interested, I can send you some seeds.

Dr. Chiranjit Parmar
186/3 Jail Road
Mandi HP 175001, India
01905-222810; 094181-81323

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Subject: [NAFEX] Native form of raspberry (Rubus spp. strigosus)

Does anyone have any good-fruited, not so disease-suspeptible 100% native 
populations of rasberry (sometimes gray-leaf raspberry), Rubus spp. 
If in zone 5b to 7a..

Steve; NJ 6b

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