[NAFEX] Juglone toxicity (black walnut effect these?)

Michele Stanton 6ducks at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 13:08:20 EDT 2011

Purdue has a nice bulletin on juglone, with a list of plants that are
susceptible to or tolerant of its effects.
Google publication HO-193.  Black raspberry is listed as tolerant;
blackberry is not!


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Maybe it's the poor sandy soils here, but blackberries usually don't grow
wild in the black walnut sites, while black raspberries do.
sWI, plenty blackberry canes but not much fruit

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> Steve,
> I forwarded your question to Jim McKenna who is a Juglans and chestnut
> breeder and developer who works for a joint Purdue-USDA hardwood
> project located at Purdue Univ. You would have met him at the fall INGA
> you attended, except his personal schedule kept him home.
> His answers are in bold blue.
> > Will juglone toxicity from walnut, particularly black walnut (Juglans
> > nigra) effect any one or more of the following specific plants?
> > Rosacea - (native and European) plum &cherry YES; quince YES; rose NOT
> > SURE; juneberry/serviceberry NOT SURE; strawberry NOT SURE; raspberry &
> > blackberry NO
> > Ebenacea - native persimmon NO
> > Ericacea - blueberry; huckleberry; native rhododendron spp.; mountain
> > laurel NOT SURE on any of these
> > Cornaceae - flowering dogwood; bunchberry NOT SURE
> > Caprifoliaceae - honeyberry NO; native honeysuckle spp. NO
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