[NAFEX] NAFEX list & Google+ opportunity.

Chris Garriss cgarriss at garriss.net
Mon Oct 10 22:48:41 EDT 2011

Thanks, I know nothing about Google+, and not much more than that about
other social network systems.   I work with and on PC's,  servers,  Mac's
and other computing hardware and a wide variety of software.   Social
network products is something I've not really considered.   I guess it is
time for me to learn more, including security issues.  I quite favor methods
of interacting and information exchange that are "valid" and come from
reputable sources - "handles" used in emails have long been an irritant to
me - this does not apply to people that use a nickname or shortened version
of their legal name "in the normal course of life and business".  For
instance myself - for over 60 years I've used and been known by 'Chris'
short for Christopher and very few know or have used my legal first name.

Thanks for the information,  I'll give myself a crash course on Google+.

On Oct 9, 2011 9:23 PM, "Lawrence F. London, Jr." <lflj at bellsouth.net>

> On 10/9/2011 8:25 PM, Chris Garriss wrote:
> > I would have some concern about the amount of personal information many
> > social networks "share" with or without the permission of the individual.
> > Location in real time, likes, dislikes, pictures, friends,  relatives
> etc.
> That is limited to what you put in your profile and where you want your
> profile to be made accessable and you can block all search engines from
> indexing your profile and likewise your posts other than the ones you
> designate to be made public. Your visibility and your posts, your
> friends, etc. can be limited to a group of users specified by you alone.
> I don't yet see any loopholes that would compromise this. As far as what
> happens on the server end, in the cloud, etc. I can only speculate;
> I'll leave the rest to the conspiracy theorists while I enjoy the best
> of Google+. Facebook is another matter and I understand less about
> security issues there while at the same time I feel fairly well
> protected. You can get at only a little of Facebook through Google's
> search but you can get a lot of Google+, as it should be but that is
> limited to how you configure your account, which seems easy to me. I
> found invaluable help files on doing this which I will be glad to share.
> LL
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