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Horseradish as a "peach tree borer"  deterrent is just my personal experience (i.e. "anecdotal), and not a "fact'.
Needs to be confirmed or refuted by a larger testing.
mothballs or other herbs with a lot of aromatic oils such as oregano might be equally efective.
.../but horseradish is a good source of the powerful anti-oxident  "superoxide dismutase".:http://www.lablife.org/p?a=products_show&id=328023

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I got one really helpful reply off-list. I have removed the name of the replier, in case he avoided the list for privacy reasons, but wanted to copy his message in case it helps others. Thanks, anonymous. (And if you don't want to be anonymous, feel free to chime in.)

I scraped the soil, and while I didn't find any tunnels, I found a white larva in a shallow groove cut into the tree. I killed it, and poked around, removing all the gum and poking a wire into anything loose, including one extremely short "tunnel" that was full of gum. (I removed that gum, too.) I have left it exposed, and will keep an eye on it for the next couple of weeks. 

I have a friend with a horseradish plant who would, I'm sure, be happy to give me some pieces. But he warns me against it, saying it is weedy and large and ugly and impossible to remove once planted. I'm curious what others think. The tree is in a very visible spot, sort of the center of my back yard.

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> Subject: Gumosis in prunus?
> This may be "Peach tree borer"
> Scrape the soil from around the tree to expose the larvae tunnels.
> Poke some flexible wire into the tunnels to kill and extract the white grubs.
> Leave exposed and watch for further excrement/chaff ,..to make sure you got them all.
> If left to feed all winter the tree will be killed by spring.
> I have found that horseradish planted at the base of prunus trees seeems to deter the adult female moth from laying her eggs.
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> Subject: [NAFEX] Gumosis in apricots?
> While weeding today, I noticed a big clump of jelly at the base of a 2-year-old apricot tree. It's a clump about 1.5" by 1" by 1". Parts are completely clear, and parts are caramel brown.
> is there any hope for this tree? Is there anything I ought to do to help it?
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> Ginda 
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