[NAFEX] Blight in Hardy Kiwi?

David Jackson dave at kiwiberry.com
Tue May 31 23:49:06 EDT 2011

Hi Alexis.

For fourteen years we entertained over 500 Red Princess (Ken's Reds), and 
literally banked the farm on them.  And yes, we did see the same problem you 
are experiencing that occurred in a single plant.  Within three to four 
years, it spread to the two adjacent vines on either side.  We dug out the 
three vines and replaced them with a second backup vine we now call our 
passion poppers.  We saw no more of the problem.

Red Princess (Ken's Reds) can become an A. arguta management nightmare with 
sometimes a tri-annual, or more, production swing.

Also as the fruit ripens, especially after a rain, you will find it on the 
ground as it will drop prematurely.

David just returned from a visit to the University of Gent in Belgium where 
they call hardy kiwi - Kiwibes. They are experiencing similar problems with 
the "red" cultivars.

Our advice would be to dig out the vine, and try a less finicky cultivar.

Hope this helps.

Dave & Holly

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>I have several hardy kiwis. My Ken's Red seems to have caught a nasty
> disease this year. The leaves wilt, small branches turn black. Bark
> seems to be blistered, though I am not sure that is correlated with the
> disease, it appears to be. The disease has killed about half the plant
> already. Other kiwis around it, including another Ken's Red, are
> unaffected. Any ideas what it might be or what to do about it?
> Thanks,
> alexis
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