[NAFEX] Pomona time!

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Weather and inexperience combine to make for a trying Spring. Eastern Washington has experienced its third wettest month on record and a new record wet April. May hasn't proven to be much better, and the prevailing temperatures have been equally low. Everything is blooming at least 16 days behind what is typical, and some things even later.
I tried grafting quite a few apple cultivars at a nearby orchard and in my own back yard. Checking out back this morning, one out of seven looks as though it is healthy, although no buds have begun swelling. If everything top worked on a Queen Cox fails, I may simply jerk the tree out of the ground this year and replace it altogether. (Am debating Duchess of Oldenburg or Rambour Franc/Summer Rambo.) By the time that gains size I may have learned to do a proper graft.
The bright spots are two benchgrafts purchased from Greenmantle in California: Lord Lambourne on Bud9 and D'Arcy Spice on Bud118. Both are heavily mulched and fenced from the ducks and both look good, with D'Arcy characteristically getting off to a slower start.
The long range hopes prevail, while this urban farmer climbs a steep learning curve.
Dave Liezen, Spokane, WA z6 
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> NAFEXes, you've still got a few days to get me articles or comments for the summer Pomona; I'll be finishing it up next week. Long or short, tell us about your fruit growing experiences.
> I personally would love to see some articles on raising honeybees, something I'm thinking of starting.
> Thanks so much. Have a great weekend.
> Jacquelyn A. Kuehn
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