[NAFEX] Mulberry wine??

Elizabeth Hilborn ehilborn at mebtel.net
Wed May 25 08:26:25 EDT 2011

My Illinois Everbearing mulberry tree is young and it has provided small 
amounts of fruit over a long season.The birds usually take most of them.

This year, it is abundantly productive and I am able to gather small 
amounts (about 2 cups) of fruit a day.

I am thinking of making wine. I gather the fruit daily, wash and freeze 
it to collect enough to try.

2 questions for the list:

1) I am spending a lot of time clipping off stems.  Is that necessary? 
Will it really degrade the flavor of the wine to leave them on?

2) Does anyone have experience with making mulberry wine? Good or bad 
experiences? A favorite recipe or yeast?

Betsy Hilborn
7a Central NC

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