[NAFEX] Yellowhorn

loneroc loneroc at countryspeed.com
Sat May 21 08:50:23 EDT 2011

I have had a Yellowhorn (Xanthocerus sorbifolius) here in the ground for ten 
years.  It's been a pretty slow grower but it has experienced temps 
below -40 C/F with no damage at all.  Locate them carefully.  The wood is 
extremely brittle.

loneroc, SW WI  USDA zone 3/4

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> Curious if anyone is growing Yellowhorn (Xanthoceras sorbifolium) in Zone 
> 4?
> I have a bunch of them in pots that I can never decide whether I should 
> put
> them in the ground or not.  Some websites list as Zone 4 but I'lve also 
> seen
> listed at Zone 6.
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