[NAFEX] strawberries

Ginda Fisher list at ginda.us
Fri May 20 19:05:40 EDT 2011

On May 20, 2011, at 5:34 PM, Road's End Farm wrote:

> On May 20, 2011, at 5:17 PM, Bob Hartman wrote:
>> Sticking your nose on or near fruit doesn't sound good to me.  At  
>> fruit
>> shows some people want to pick up the fruit to smell it.  We have to  
>> put out
>> signs for people not to pick up the fruit because we are going to have
>> people tasting the fruit and having someone's nose next to a fruit  
>> is not
>> appetizing.
>> Bob
> When I do this in groceries, I'm not sticking my nose on the fruit.  
> And I'm not blowing on it, or exhaling towards it. I'm inhaling in its  
> general vicinity. I suspect Ginda, who's the one who originally posted  
> about choosing strawberries by scent, does the same thing.

Yes, of course.  I sniff, I don't blow.  And of course I don't touch my nose to the produce.  

It makes a huge difference in the quality of strawberries, peaches, and several other fruits that I buy.  You really can't tell by looking whether a peach will taste like a peach or like slightly sweet cotton, but you can tell that with your nose.

People handle the produce all the time at my local markets.  I wash and/or peel everything I bring home.


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