[NAFEX] if the buds break dormancy in the same year they are implanted

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Wed May 11 16:11:56 EDT 2011

Did the shoots wch grew out of the implanted buds survive the winter?
Often if the buds break dormancy in the same year they are implanted, the shoot growth they produce does not survive their first winter. The shoots grow too late into the fall, do not achieve sufficient caliper, nor go sufficienttly dormant to survive the winter.
Your timing was good.
If buds are cut too early from current year's growth, they may not be mature.
One can get around this by placing a containerized plant of the bud donar tree into a heated greenhouse --thereby inducing it to break dormancy and begin shoot growth several weeks earlier than it would otherwise do so outside.
This method can save one an entire year!
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>I tried one last year, did a chip bud in June from a this-years shoot I saw 
>a dormant bud on by the base of a leaf already.  I forced it in two weeks 
>by cutting most of the top of the stock and bending over; the graft 
>proceeded to put on about 3' of new growth last year.  I didn't remove the 
>bent-over shoot until the plant was dormant, it wasn't growing much after I 
>bent it over.  Overall I was pretty impressed, it did a lot better than I 
>had expected.
> Scott

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