[NAFEX] nafex Digest, Vol 100, Issue 3: Hardy Pomegranates

Scott Smith scott at cs.jhu.edu
Wed May 4 08:40:43 EDT 2011

Steve, I have not gotten fruits yet myself but I have heard good reports on taste on all of them.  The seeds of pomegranates vary from almost nonexistent to hard; the standard Wonderful variety is in the middle somewhere.  I believe all of the hardy ones except Papershell are hard-seeded so that is probably their main downside.

4x4 is a pretty small area.  I would eyeball their yield as about half what an apple tree of the same size would be.

A true 6B winter is below 0F.  Significant dieback will occur at those temps.  Kazake seems to be one level more hardy than all the other ones, both Ashton states this and it correlates with reports I have heard.  I would get a Kazake if you may be experiencing sub-zero temps.  If it does die back if it was well enough established it will grow back from the roots.  I covered my poms for their first two years to give them a chance to get well-established.

If you want to grow pomegranates, it is well worth the $7 for the electronic version of Ashton's book -- http://www.3mpub.com/ashton/title1.html

I'm not sure I will get enough fruits from my trees to make it worthwhile in that sense, but I have planted them in a prominent spot in my yard and I expect they will be quite the curiosity for passers-by.


On May 4, 2011, at 12:43 AM, Steven Covacci wrote:

> Scott,
> Do you think that those three cultivars, well-known for their hardiness, produce good fruit?  How much do you think a 4' x 4' shrub-trained specimen would yield?  Would they survive a true USDA 6b winter?
> Thanks,
> Steve; NJ 6b/7a
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