[NAFEX] Looking for Perrine Giant Yellow Transparent scion

Gary Masog gary.masog at gci.net
Mon May 2 17:37:21 EDT 2011

    You request has me wondering, as the yellow transparent is a common 
apple in Anchorage Alaska
as it ripens very early.  Mine are large 3 to 4 inch, but reading up on the 
yellow transparent after your request
it sounds like the original yellow transparent was a small 2 inch or less 
apple.  Could it be that we have the
Perrine Giant stain of Yellow Transparent  up here.

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Subject: [NAFEX] Looking for Perrine Giant Yellow Transparent scion

>I know it's late in the season - I'd meant to post this query several weeks
> back.
> Wondered if anyone had any dormant-collected scionwood of the Perrine 
> Giant
> strain of the Yellow Transparent apple selection, that they'd be willing 
> to
> sell or send to me?
> Someone kindly sent some a couple of years back, but I've either misplaced
> the graftlings, or it's died out for lack of care.
> If it's too late this season, I'd certainly like to 'get on the list' for 
> a
> small package of scionwood for next winter.
> Thanks,
> Lucky Pittman
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