[NAFEX] plum leaf fungus

Bob Hartman hartmansfruit at msn.com
Sun Jul 31 20:32:43 EDT 2011

If it was on pear I would say it was pear leaf blister mite.  Since it is 
plum do you have a picture you could put out on the Internet someplace where 
we could see it.  You might want to check out this website if you haven't 
already done so:

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From: Ernest Plutko
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Subject: [NAFEX] plum leaf fungus

My plum trees all have a leaf fungus that is producing pink fruiting
bodies that are sticking out of the leaves about 3/8 inch.  The trees
look pink because of the massive amount of fungus.  I have seen this
before but just a few.  What to do?

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