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Even here in Florida guava jam/jelly can be expensive in the stores  
and here in North Florida sometime hard to find.  But blocks or cans  
of guava "paste" are easier to come by.  I have found that by cutting  
the paste into cubes, nuking it in the microwave with some water, then  
stirring to a smooth consistency it makes a pretty good, nicely  
flavored jam.  It will set up again once it cools down.  You'll have  
to experiment to determine how much water to use.  I like mine just  
thin enough to spread easily.

It's too bad they won't take a freeze otherwise I'd have a few out in  
the yard.

Quoting Caren Kirk <quirky at videotron.ca>:

>   My mother is from South America but now lives in Florida. She adores
> guava jam and buys a brand from Brazil from her local grocery. Last time
> she went to get some they didn't have any more, they only had a new
> brand made in the US. She bought some but said it tasted nothing like
> the jam she's used to. More like a run-of-the mill jelly.
> I think it's really a different style altogether, but I know the fruit
> flavour of the South American jam is very intense. As with everything,
> it'a a question of taste.
> Caren Kirk
> St. Jerome, QC
> On 7/28/2011 9:14 PM, Dan Nave wrote:
>> I actually like the guava jelly better than guava jam.
>> Has a very rich taste.
>> Dan
>> On 7/28/2011 4:06 PM, Ernest Plutko wrote:
>>> I sent to Costa Rica for guava jam.  Just got two containers.  This
>>> jam is made with real sugar.  Tasted jam and at first did not like
>>> it.  I was expecting the over-sweet made with corn sugar jam like US
>>> jam.  The Costa Rica jam is tart and has a strong fruit taste.
>>> Tasted more and found that I like it.
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>>>> No, I did not bring back seeds.  We were taking DNA samples and I
>>>> later threw guavas away without tasting them because I became
>>>> preoccupied.  Wish I had examined the guavas carefully.
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>>>>> Oooh, I love guavas.
>>>>> Eat em fresh!  You can find lots of recipes on line.
>>>>> Mostly dessert recipes, but some other things, too.
>>>>> But I've never seen any that were what I'd call orange.
>>>>> I have two trees on my back deck that I hope will flower this
>>>> summer.
>>>>> Did you bring back any seeds?
>>>>> Michele in SW Ohio
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>>>>> I was in Costa Rica and collected a few fallen orange fruits under
>>>>> some trees.  They were guavas which had a very pleasant smell.  I
>>>>> have heard of guava jelly but is there anything else they are used
>>>>> for?

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