[NAFEX] How hardy is Carmine Jewel?

Caren Kirk quirky at videotron.ca
Wed Jul 27 15:41:46 EDT 2011

  Ernest, I second Sarah's comments about the U of S cherries' 
hardiness. I've had my Carmine Jewel for about 5 years now and a Romeo 
and Crimson Passion for about 3 and despite having very different and 
varied weather conditions throughout those years and seasons, I've never 
had any hardiness problems with them.

Sarah mentioned poor soils but they are planted in amended clay in my 
yard and they seem fine. I don't fertilize them though.

The only issue I have had with them happened this year. My first taste 
of brown rot. Lost about a third of my crop to it because I was too dumb 
to work out what it was until a bit too late. It was my first experience 
with it. Still, now I know. And I still had enough cherries to make some 
fantastic pies!

Sorry about your plants, better luck with those that are left.

Caren Kirk
St. Jerome, QC

On 7/24/2011 4:27 PM, Ernest Plutko wrote:
> I had some Carmine Jewel cherry plants on my porch the second week of
> this May.  They were in individual large pots.  It frosted lightly in
> the night and all seven plants lost their leaves and died.  I had
> another six plants inside which did not die.  At first I assumed the
> leaves would grow back but no they died.  I was amazed.
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