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Ernest Plutko ernestplutko at wiktel.com
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Claude:  I was at a nursery this spring and it had many fruit trees
which were not marked.  Worker came out with a box full of labels
and told me he was vague about what tree was what.  He guessed about
the tree names.  Didn't even know if they were apples or pears.
Unless you have DNA IDs I suspect some trees are mislabeled.   My
Norland tree even has more elongated apples than your apples.

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>A 14:21 11.07.26 -0400, vous avez écrit :
>>Claude says Norland apples are elongated. I believe him. But I
>>on Internet and all the pictures (12) of Norland apples show round
>>apples.  I have another Norland apple tree which has been producing
>>round apples for years.  Maybe there are several varieties of apples
>>called Norland.  Maybe some nurseries are careless when they tag
>OK, I have to agree Google shows many round Norland - but there are
>elongated also. Mine look rather like this one:
>It wouldn't be the first time 2 different apples are distributed
>under the
>same name. It just requires one person that does a mistake and
>this mistake... We have seen this recently also with a discussion on
>Flemish Beauty and Parker pears - it seems someone made a mistake a
>ago and now no one is sure anymore to have a true Parker or a true
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