[NAFEX] Plum Curculio & Peach Tree Damage

Jim Freeman jf at gctruck.com
Tue Jul 26 13:43:51 EDT 2011

Hi Richard,

We also have lots of plum curculio pressure and have never found any
stone fruit that can resist them. We manage them by timely application
of Imidan at petal fall. If we wait even a week later, we will have much
more damage. Sometimes we spray in the evening to avoid hurting the
bees, if they are still present.

When we planted our first peaches in 2002, we were told that deer do not
bother peaches and the few we had planted did fine. In 2009, we planted
an additional 800 peach trees. The deer did not eat the buds but they
love to rub the trunks and branches with their antlers. We eventually
had to fence the entire orchard to avoid deer damage. When the trees are
severely damaged, we replace them regardless of age. Nursing damaged
peach trees has not been productive for us.

Jim Freeman
Freedom Farms LLC
Zone 7a N. Georgia

-----Original Message-----
Are there any stone fruits with any resistance to the plum curculio?
Despite three sprayings in both of the last two years we have not been
able to get a single uninfected fruit. We may as well consider all stone
fruits as ornamental only. 

Richard Wagner
southern Missouri Ozarks z 6b/7a

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