[NAFEX] How hardy is Carmine Jewel/Evans cherry?

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If they were in full green growth right to the roots I could see that happening, but I haven't seen any die back (except for the ones the mice ate!) on my U of S cherries at all in spite  of all the weird weather we have had these last few years.  This year we had no frost from the beginning of April to the third week of May (when we normally have steady frosts) and then we had two hard (5 or more degrees of frost) frosts a week apart... no dead cherry trees or even dead leaves and they all still have fruit on them.  Last year was pretty much the same story with warm weather and then frosts, except add snow in with the frost and have it last for a week.

A general rule for all Canadian prairie hardy cherries (Evans and all of the U of S cherries) is that they do better on poor soil without fertilizer so they don't grow as much and have more time to harden off before winter hits.  But I have fertilized all my trees with barn cleanings for the past 2 years and they are doing fine... except for the Evan's cherry tree up close to my house.  It keeps forgetting to leaf out in spring although it can be persuaded to with heavy applications of sulfur (which it isn't supposed to need) and copper.
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I had some Carmine Jewel cherry plants on my porch the second week of
this May.  They were in individual large pots.  It frosted lightly in
the night and all seven plants lost their leaves and died.  I had
another six plants inside which did not die.  At first I assumed the
leaves would grow back but no they died.  I was amazed.

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