[NAFEX] shocking tree rats

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Sat Jul 23 14:58:42 EDT 2011

It was thus queried:

How do you rig this?  ie. where do you put the electrified wires? (You 
are going to need 
ground and hot wires close enough together to get the buggers across the 

> You can pick up a solar fence charger at Harbor Freight for about
> 59.00 (they often have a 20% off coupon).  Electricity works.  Last
> year I tried squirrel poles and bagged 6 pigeons - sigh.

My reply:

I had to take my down (neighbors complained becasue there kids might get shocked - try staying off my property and it would not= be an issue).

You are suppose to drive a long grounding rod in the ground, they want you to set it at 6 feet but I could only drive mine about 4 1/2.   Anyway the harbor freight one is capable of charging several miles of fencing.   I used large wooden stakes (8ft) that are driven im the ground and then I set one wire and then the other, using the width of  two by four as my spacer around the posts then I simply angle the wire up and run them around again and again. The problem of course is accessing the fruit, I tried two step ladders that worked, and also un-winding, then duh, I found it was just darn easy to use a fruit picker  : )  I only got to do this one year before my useless neighbors complained about cats, children etc, etc - sigh.  But it worked great.  


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