[NAFEX] apple tree sudden death

david.maxwell at dal.ca david.maxwell at dal.ca
Fri Jul 22 13:03:20 EDT 2011

Nope.  Area is well drained, arguably too dry.  Trees on either side (8 ft. away) are healthy.  
Foliage is not bronzed, but paler than adjacent trees.  And, yes, O-3 is supposed to be 
resitant to Phytophthora.

> David,
> My best is phytophthora root rot.  Any chance that the drainage is
> less than wonderful in that spot?
> Here is some more phytophthora information: 
> http://www.cals.ncsu.edu/course/pp728/cactorum/Pcactorum.html
> The Ottawa rootstock is supposedly resistant to Phytophthora, so
> perhaps that guess is in left field. Apple experts!!  What could it
> be?
> Michele in SW Ohio
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> One tree in my orchard has decided to die in the past few days, and I
> have no idea what could be the cause.  Any thoughts or advice greatly
> appreciated.  The tree in question is cv. Gideon, on Ottawa-3
> rootstock, about 7 years old.  It has suddenly wilted - all the leaves
> are drooping, the fruit is starting to dry up and wrinkle.  It is not
> black, nor are there shepherd crook deformities to suggest fireblight.
>  It is just wilting.  The trunk looks entirely intact.  No sign of
> borers, (which I do have elsewhere in the orchard). No holes
> suggestive of voles eating the roots. Tree on either side look fine.
> There are a number of healthy-looking root suckers springing up,
> suggesting to me that the roots are in fact OK, and the problem lies
> in something plugging the vascular channels above ground, eg. a fungal
> disease - are there such things?  I very much doubt that there is
> anything I can do to save this tree, but what should I do in terms of
> management at this point?  (cut it off at ground level and use one of
> the root suckers to build a new tree?  Dig the whole thing up and
> examine the root system for a clue?  Any other suggestions?
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