[NAFEX] tree rats

Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Fri Jul 22 12:35:19 EDT 2011

It is possible to construct a baffle out of something like a trash can lid.
cut just enough of a circle in the middle for a snug fit against the tree 4'
up the trunk and make a cut to the circle so you can put it around the
tree.  Tape that cut closed.  Use wire as necessary, tied to branches above
to stabilize.

You can use this in conjunction with about 2' (more for big raccoons) of
aluminum roof flashing (big box home improvement center or roofing supply
store) stapled to the trunk just below.  This stops coons and possums and
reduces squirrel traction to push through or jump around the baffle.

I've read that One Bite rodent poison tied to branches works well also.  I
believe peanut butter bon bons are pure myth although Scott was generous in
suggesting it may drive off some squirrels by causing indigestion.  I have
no proof that it causes squirrel indigestion but we know that it doesn't
kill them or cause any observable symptoms in animals whose entire diet is
PB bon bons.

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