[NAFEX] apple tree sudden death

Michele Stanton 6ducks at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 22:23:02 EDT 2011

My best is phytophthora root rot.  Any chance that the drainage is less than
wonderful in that spot?

Here is some more phytophthora information: 

The Ottawa rootstock is supposedly resistant to Phytophthora, so perhaps
that guess is in left field.
Apple experts!!  What could it be?

Michele in SW Ohio

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One tree in my orchard has decided to die in the past few days, and I have
no idea what 
could be the cause.  Any thoughts or advice greatly appreciated.  The tree
in question is cv. 
Gideon, on Ottawa-3 rootstock, about 7 years old.  It has suddenly wilted -
all the leaves are 
drooping, the fruit is starting to dry up and wrinkle.  It is not black, nor
are there shepherd 
crook deformities to suggest fireblight.  It is just wilting.  The trunk
looks entirely intact.  No 
sign of borers, (which I do have elsewhere in the orchard). No holes
suggestive of voles 
eating the roots. Tree on either side look fine. There are a number of
healthy-looking root 
suckers springing up, suggesting to me that the roots are in fact OK, and
the problem lies in 
something plugging the vascular channels above ground, eg. a fungal disease
- are there 
such things?  I very much doubt that there is anything I can do to save this
tree, but what 
should I do in terms of management at this point?  (cut it off at ground
level and use one of 
the root suckers to build a new tree?  Dig the whole thing up and examine
the root system for 
a clue?  Any other suggestions?
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