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After years of cussing at and shooting at the squirrels in Northern VA suburbs (zone 6b), we finally built cages to put over the  4 dwarf peach trees. We used 1 x 1s and built frames and then staple gunned hard plastic mesh top to bottom. They are light (I can lift them myself). The squirrels tried to bite holes in them and got a few 2 x 2 inch holes going but abandoned the project. This is the first year I was actually able to eat my own peaches!

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I am at a loss at how to handle the fluffy tailed tree rat AKA squirrel
problem. Just a few of them completely ate/destroyed most of the peach
crop from 4 trees and the few plums I had from Howards Miracle. I had
already trapped 7 of them this year (gave them swimming lessons) but
they just keep coming. I tried hot pepper but it did nothing, they still
ate them like crazy.  I have not tried the peanut butter plaster of
paris balls because the reviews were mixed, but I am ready to try that
now after this episode. I would like to prevent them from getting the
apples before they ripen. What are your thoughts? Is there a decent
repellent? Can any of you comment on the peanut butter/plaster paris
Richard Hansen
Zone 6b


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