Richard D Hansen rdhans01 at louisville.edu
Wed Jul 20 11:21:46 EDT 2011

I am at a loss at how to handle the fluffy tailed tree rat AKA squirrel
problem. Just a few of them completely ate/destroyed most of the peach
crop from 4 trees and the few plums I had from Howards Miracle. I had
already trapped 7 of them this year (gave them swimming lessons) but
they just keep coming. I tried hot pepper but it did nothing, they still
ate them like crazy.  I have not tried the peanut butter plaster of
paris balls because the reviews were mixed, but I am ready to try that
now after this episode. I would like to prevent them from getting the
apples before they ripen. What are your thoughts? Is there a decent
repellent? Can any of you comment on the peanut butter/plaster paris
Richard Hansen
Zone 6b

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