[NAFEX] amelanchier alnifolia from seed

Ernest Plutko ernestplutko at wiktel.com
Tue Jul 5 23:21:08 EDT 2011

Richard, how do you handle the root cuttings?  Do you know if root
cuttings work on cherries?

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Date: Tue, 5 Jul 2011 21:34:28 +0000

>Ernest's advice matches mine.
>Clean all the crap off them by squishing them in a bowl or 2 of clean
>Toss the skins, flesh, and floating seeds.
>90 days in the fridge, slightly damp but not soggy.
>Once you see a few 'pig tails', plant 'em all.
>Plan on 50% germination, and 80% survival of those.
>Root cuttings are even easier!
>R A Murphy Jr 		 	   		  
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