[NAFEX] Large fig tree-shrub: 10 yrs unprotected zone 6b.

Steven Covacci filtertitle at aol.com
Sat Jul 2 17:07:18 EDT 2011


I agree that eventually 'Hardy Chicago' fig, etc. will die to the ground in zone 6.  However, my friend planted a fig (doesn't remember the cultivar) around 10+ years ago in a part of NJ north of my house which is zone 6b (at the border of 6a); It's never been covered for the winter and is around 18' tall.  It's in a city backyard - I don't recall off hand if it's against a wall - but I'm sure there is some sort of microclimate situation going on.  I suppose I should root a cutting.

Steve; NJ 6b/7a 

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