[NAFEX] Semi-dwarf apples + Deer =

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Sun Jan 30 14:36:57 EST 2011

What zone are you in?  Use an electric fence.

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>My first year here I planted over 100 fruit trees, a sizeable
>investment. I 
>watched them carefully for deer damaged but nothing. Oh, a nibble 
>here, a 
>nibble there but nothing I probably would not have trimmed of anyway
>shaping the trees. Three  days before the opening of deer season they
>all but three trees and those were not worth saving. The cherries
>hardest hit. Everyone of them broke off at the graft. I erected an 8
>fence this year around an acre  and replanted about 70 trees. I was
>to complete the acre this year if I can get my tractor running in
>time. I 
>have alerted all our friends and neighbors that our place is
>available for 
>deer hunting on our little 82 acre place but  so far they have only
>five in the last two years. I have on several occasion seen 14 or 15
>in our 
>pasture and one morning they were standing in our yard 25 feet from
>house eating my wife's rose. &*$%^ four legged locusts.
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