[NAFEX] MisIdentification: Goumi vs. Autum Olive

John S swim_at_svc at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 30 01:24:47 EST 2011

I've been trying to establish some goumi plants for more than a decade.  I've twice now planted so-called goumis from reputable North Wast mail-order nurseries, grown them out and upon fruiting, discovered them to be fall fruiting Autumn Olives instead of the spring fruiting Goumis.  It is easy to tell the difference from the appearance and timing of the fruit.

Today I received the 2011 print catalog from Raintree and found them using a picture of Autumn Olives for Goumis and the description indicating that goumis fruit in August instead of the correct timing of "spring".  I go on-line and find that the on-line picture of goumi is, instead, a picture of red fruited Cornelian Cherry.

I just wanted to share with the list that North West nurseries (more than one) are selling mis-identified Elaeagnus, at least to me, and from the current print catalog of Raintree, appear to be continuing the practice.

Anything I can do to fix this problem?  Does anybody on the list have contacts in the area with Raintree that could give them the word about this problem?  I've sent emails but no longer have confidence that the replacement Goumi that I'm to receive this spring will actually be a ture Goumi.  I don't want to spend an additional 5 years to find out this is another Autumn Olive.



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