[NAFEX] horse manure

Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Sat Jan 29 15:31:33 EST 2011

What people often refer to as horse manure is actually stable waste which
has much more soft wood shavings than horse poop and I call it stable
waste.  It also contains a lot of the urine absorbed by those shavings which
contains a bit more than half of NPK excreted by the animals as I recall.

If you're looking for a quick N punch a top dressing of manure will probably
deliver it if it doesn't all get tied up composting the shavings.
Incorporating stable waste into the soil- hot or mellowed a bit- sometimes
really ties up the nutrients if the wood is still intact.  Straight manure
might give you more N than you want, especially if applied to bearing age
fruit trees.  If the trees are young and you want to make them bigger quick
I'd use it only as a top dressing in spring.
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