[NAFEX] Caution on Muscovy Ducks

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In this ruling, I believe that the F&WS distinguished between domestic muscovies and those that were of wild genetics (the type one would see in a zoo).

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Last fall the US Fish & Wildlife Services passed a regulation that no 
one could keep Muscovies as pets or for other domestic purposes other 
than meat - or transfer them - they were to be "wild only" and belonged 
only in their native area, Texas.

There was significant outcry from the startled owners.  F&W said they 
were "surprised" that people were using Muscovies for many domestic 
purposes (including egg-laying, showing, etc.) and the rule has been 
revisited.  See article:

But anyone with Muscovies should keep an eye on this.

Word to wise,
Barb Rosholdt

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> Richard Wagner,
> Muscovy ducks are good flyers, much better than wild turkeys for example. I have seen ours fly as a flock 100-150 feet high and for 1.25 miles (circular route).
> The can also dive. One I observed a large unidentifiable bird approaching the pond. The ducks recognized it the same time as I did and they all dived below the surface scattering underwater. They eventually popped up about 100+ feet. THe bird was a bald eagle. They are not frightened by large hawks or vultures so they can distinguish species and not just size.

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