[NAFEX] Glyophosphate horrors

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This is the first time I have heard about this, and there seems to be good information in it.  I haven't checked up on it, but I do know one thing, and that is that we have gotten loads of manure that did not in any way improve plant growth.  I can think of 3 times we brought in manure and where the main pile went we could hardly get anything to grow for 2 years afterward.  This has concerned me so much that we got a couple of goats so I could control their feed, on the assumption that it was that Milestone herbicide.  This article implies that much more may be involved.  I figure that if I track down one or two of the local farmers who are not growing Roundup Ready corn, I could feed it to free range poultry and do okay.  Either that or with a bit more attention to a balanced ration I could house them like Louis Bromfield talks about in his "Chicken Litter Story".   
    Any comments on this article would be of great interest to me, and perhaps to some of you who don't always get the production out of your trees or garden that you would like.     Donna 
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