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Chex chex.rice at gmail.com
Mon Jan 24 13:32:52 EST 2011

mIEKAL, someone showed me a pawpaw patch in Illinois across the
Mississippi River from Dubuque, Iowa last year.  Couldn't tell you how
to get there though . . .

I'm going to give you a map link to where the farthest north on the
Mississippi River pawpaw patch that I know the exact location of
across from Savana, Illinois.   On the Map you go from Sycamore to
608th Ave.  Go down that road untill it ends and then walk the
railroad tracks and you will find pawpaw trees on the right side
(bluff side).  The map link:

There are also Pawpaw trees along the railroad tracks on the banks of
the Mississippi River in Eagle Point Park in Clinton, Iowa.  I hope
this helps!

Chris Rice
zone 5a
Northern Illinois

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> Anyone know where there are wild patches along the Mississippi at the
> northern MOST range?  I'd love to see an older grove in fruit.
> re: germination
> I stratify my seed in the fridge until March, plant up in pots & put
> in the greenhouse & get pretty close to 100% germination by end of
> May, beginning of June except for a few stragglers that I tend to
> discard.
> I was reading one account of someone who kept their pawpaws in the
> greenhouse the whole first year, potted up in compost in very deep
> over sized pots & they were getting 3-5 feet of growth by fall.  The
> most I've been able to attain in the first year is 9" to 14"....

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