[NAFEX] Canadian sources of old French apples

david.maxwell at dal.ca david.maxwell at dal.ca
Sun Jan 23 14:45:31 EST 2011

I am trying to re-create an orchard of apple trees at the site of the old French fort,  Ste Marie 
de Grace, which was established in 1632 at the mouth of the LaHave River by Isaac de 
Rasilly, as the first capital of New France.  deRasilly planted apples that same year, and I 
want to plant apples of varieties which he could have planted, ie varieties extant in France in 
1630.  I need: Coeur de Boeuf, Fenouillet Gris (Anise Russet) [I had both these briefly last 
year, but the grafts failed].  Also, (if anybody has them):  Api Noir, Calville Rouge d'Hiver,
Calville Blanc d'Hiver, and Chataigner Royal Russe (Royal Russet) . 
It is essentially impossible to get material across the border, (wood must be virus-indexed, 
even if it is coming from one of the few States that we are still allowed to deal with.  (NY is 
out completely, cutting out access to Geneva).  No cultivar 400 years old is going to have 
been indexed. )  So only Canadian sources need reply, probably directly to me: 
david.maxwell at dal.ca.  Thanks.
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