[NAFEX] Pawpaw seed questions

Ron Powell, PhD Botrytis at fuse.net
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I hope that my response will be of some help.  I have had several requests 
this year for pawpaws that are hardy in zone 4 but really can't answer that 
question with any personal experience.  I do know that there are several 
locations of pawpaws being grown in zone 4 but do not produce fruit with any 
regularity.  If the growing  season is long enough then fruit has a chance 
to ripen.  Several ways have even proposed to develop pawpaws that would be 
hardy but it would still be years away from fruition.  There are a number of 
"hardy" named cultivars of pawpaws in the trade - NC-1 (Campbell #1, 
Canada's Best) is a cross between Davis and Overleese and was developed in 
Ontario.  Davis is from Michigan as is Taylor and Taytwo.  Unfortunately, 
these cultivars are not grown on their own roots.

I don't know of a source for pawpaw seeds from zone 4 but I would suggest 
that you speak to Ernie Grimo of Grimo Nut Nursery.  They do have a web 
site.  He is in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario.  He may know of a source for 
wild pawpaw seeds.  Since you are looking for a source of pawpaw seeds that 
would be hardy in zone 4, I would suggest that you purchase or collect seeds 
from a source in southern Ontario.

The pawpaw seeds should have been cleaned, some moist peat, vermiculite or 
sand added, and placed in a refrigerator.  The seeds need several months of 
stratification to germinate.  For further information on pawpaw seeds, visit 
the OPGA web site, Ohiopawpaw.com, and you can download a publication on 
pawpaw Seeds.


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>I am looking for help in finding the most cold hardy Asimina triloba
> seeds possible. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Also, what
> would be the best time to order seeds to have them arrive safe &
> viable?
> The lone pawpaw that germinated from a packet of seeds purchased years
> ago (don't remember where) has survived in a protected area for at
> least 7-8 years but hasn't grown much. There is too much competition
> for moisture with the mature white pine & basswood on either side.
> After growing & planting more trees on the property, there are other
> suitable sites available now to plant more pawpaws. Not really for
> proper fruit production, just bragging rights for having "out of zone"
> trees.
> Adrienne Bordo
> Stanbridge East, QC
> Zone 4b
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