[NAFEX] Need source for parafilm

Kieran &/or Donna holycow at frontiernet.net
Sat Jan 15 08:53:21 EST 2011

I had used the lab style parafilm for years, and then found that Fedco had 
rolls for about $3 so I bought several, then could hardly get a graft to 
take for 3-4 years till I finally decided it was the grafting tape.  It 
wouldn't stretch, it was really thick, and it would break before I thought I 
had it tight enough.  It was very narrow, so I'd have to make a lot of wraps 
and none of them seemed to me to be sealed as well as the lab stuff had 
done.   Maybe it was the subject matter, because when I found and bought a 
roll of "Buddy Tape" or some name like that at Morton's professional 
nurseryman supply in McMinnville, I also started grafting a lot of pears. 
Lucky says you can hardly go wrong with pears.  But at the same time my 
dismal rate of takes of hickories and hicans on the wrong rootstocks went up 
considerably.  (We HAVE the wrong hickories, and we don't have the right 
ones, so it's use the wrong ones or forget it, as pecan won't grow on our 
place and I hear it's the best rootstock.  I have found 2 hicans that do 
take on mockernut, and one hickory on pignut.)  Donna 

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