[NAFEX] Do not open the website in the following message

Larry D. Cook cookfrenchlick at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 14 01:49:11 EST 2011

I was informed of the below messages being sent.
If you receive something similar,
I suggest you don't open the site.
Larry D. Cook
 I know what happened with this mail.  I was trying to answer an email from a wife of a Viet buddy(to see pictures) and as I began, I realized it was more than it seemed so I didn't finish the process but evidently some message was sent to about 125 of my contacts(None that I selected) I hate this and the fraudulent way these groups get into my computer.  
Larry D. Cook

--- On Thu, 1/13/11, freetek at lycos.com <freetek at lycos.com> wrote:

From: freetek at lycos.com <freetek at lycos.com>
Subject: Fwd: cookfrenchlick needs you to confirm
To: cookfrenchlick at yahoo.com
Date: Thursday, January 13, 2011, 4:42 PM

Did this come from you or has someone hacked your address book?

Steve A.

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From: cookfrenchlick <friends at yourfanbox.com>
To: freetek at lycos.com
Sent: Thu, 13 Jan 2011 00:49:53 -0500 (EST)
Subject: cookfrenchlick needs you to confirm

Hi freetek,

cookfrenchlick needs you to confirm that you are a friend.

Go here
http://www.fanbox.com/socnet/EmailStat.aspx?lit=5&me=UNOrHnJlhEMfYQ7cQ2tFO6mvH7BJKCDWdfKT2s49HDpq14rZmHyXobcWQ9GMxcTdoqy6eoAsK8pyWXTj-tDYfAbCwbL5BqbJeQK.9riSAltIDtXjSwSV.LfTBBeBcFdXkajwa1K6XHy0Qk8k00cU6lGzoNf1Vq2YnfmW0.-douB2.EFudLYToTkmObb08oYQ&fan=6mTZBHPSm05YvEUbJox+Og==&opg=http://profile.fanbox.com/fanfeed/home.aspx?friend=211017449&vet=196&dt=011211&mlid=788127300 to confirm (or quietly ignore) this request and/or see their photos.

This message was intended for freetek at lycos.com and was sent as a notification, invitation or reminder (digital goods subject to change in reminders) of an event initiated by cookfrenchlick using a third-party or platform application and may contain promotional materials and/or services for sale including digital goods received.

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