[NAFEX] Need source for parafilm

Idell Weydemeyer iwgarden at earthlink.net
Wed Jan 12 12:02:41 EST 2011

Supposedly Parafilm lasts for 3 years but mine has lasted longer than that.
There are small, cheaper rolls of a slightly different product that breaks
more easily but works as well on the graft. .There is also something called
Buddy Tape that has pre cut pieces on a roll that also works well--you can
buy it in smaller quantities. 

I wrap the whole graft (usually 3 buds) and over the top to keep the graft
moist inside until it grows and it keeps it warmer outside. Since I do not
have much frost, I graft fruit like plums (with early bud break) in January
and will graft into March (apples, pears). If  the weather is really hot,
some folks near me but in a much hotter section will put a little paper bag
over grafts to keep them from heating up too much.  

I think Parafilm is faster than using a rubber band and some liquid like Dr
Farewells--but then -but then there was only one year I did over 100 grafts
and some years I may only do 20 or so. I leave the parafilm on indefinitely
and can tell by the condition it is in what year something was grafted (up
to about 4 years)  if I lose the tag--than can check my records. 

I just bought a roll for $27 (when most charge around $40 or more for 250
feet- some are 2" wide, some are 4"). The shipping was expensive.  Our
California Rare Fruit Growers chapter sells it at our scion exchange. If you
have a large orchard and little money, Parafilm is not the best
choice-possibly can use wax to seal the ends of the scion and the graft
portion--many on this group will know. .

Idell zone 9
San Francisco bay area

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I'd like to try some parafilm M, to see if I can't increase my percentage of
graft takes.  Does anyone know of a good cheap source to get a few rolls?
Does it have a shelf-life?


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