[NAFEX] off topic: rice bugs

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Hi Ginda,  We often have these bugs, sometimes the meal moth (worm), 
sometimes weevil.  We microwave them.  It destroys bugs and eggs.  Do some 
sorting if it's a bad infestation.  I'm sure we've eaten a few without 
knowing it.  Weevils have a pointed snout, lay eggs that hatch, etc. etc. 
There is a trap for the meal moths that works well, but you have to renew 
the attractant.  I've seen them at Walmart.     Hector Black
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>I often find narrow black bugs in my rice or other cereal products.  They 
>are probably some sort of weevil.  We just opened a 5lb bag of rice, and it 
>has a lot of them.  Usually, I dump a new 5lb bag of rice into a nice metal 
>tin, but I don't want to contaminate the tin with this infestation, nor do 
>I want it to spread to the flour.
> The internet suggests throwing away the rice, but that seems awfully 
> wasteful, and it's not that hard to rinse the rice before cooking it, and 
> I'm certain they are harmless to eat if I miss a few.  But I'd like to 
> kill this colony so they don't spread.  I wondered if "cooking" the rice 
> by putting it in a heat-proof container in the oven would work, and if the 
> rice would still cook properly with water later.  Or microwaving it?
> Any ideas?
> Ginda
> in eastern MA, where we have a lot of snow today, and I have time to mess 
> with the rice.
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