[NAFEX] Can I freeze chestnuts to plant for next year

Stephen Sadler Docshiva at Docshiva.org
Mon Jan 10 23:28:12 EST 2011

Depending on which set of rules you're using, bleach can be acceptable in
organic farming. 
I sanitize with it, especially when making goat cheese from raw milk that
meets certification requirements.  I can't sell the stuff - the milk or the
cheese - but I consider it organic.  Because I don't sell, I never checked
to see if it would violate a standard.
But to reverse my digression - my understanding is that it's organic 'legal'
under some jurisdictions/rules.  For your purposes, especially if you're not
producing certified chestnuts, I don't think it's a big or any sized deal.  
Vinegar inhibits mold by making the pH uncomfortable.  To maintain that pH,
you'd end up pickling your chestnuts.  A spritz of bleach solution followed
by mold-unfriendly low temperatures is something I would expect to be more

~ Stephen 

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I broke down & did a 5 minute soak in a solution of bleach & water.
Just checked on the chestunts the other day & zero sign of any kind of
mold this year.  Last year, wanting to be organic, I used a vinegar
soak, but that didn't prevent mold at all.


On Mon, Jan 10, 2011 at 11:50 AM, Kieran &/or Donna
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> I have about 10 lbs of chestnuts stratified in my fridge &they are
> getting a mold that has lots of red color in it.  I even washed them
> off once &put them back in bags with peat but the mold which is
> extremely sticky to the touch is coming back again.  Does anyone know
> if I can freeze these &get similar germination rates of +90%?  In the
> five or so years I've been collecting nuts from my trees I've never
> seen mold on the nuts before.  Or maybe mold wouldn't be an issue...
> Sometimes I have nuts, chestnuts or hazels, that I want to plant or have
> planted shallow enough in pots that I can watch them, or if I have some in
> pots that I dump out from time to time to see if any have germinated.  The
> ones that get mold on the outside usually are shot inside.  You have
> that you can cut into a few to see what's happening.  Generally it seems
> me that the mold attacks nuts that are already dead, though I suppose it
> could go the other way.  Did you by any chance either have a very rainy
> fall, or did you have a sharp freeze when the nuts were still falling?
> Donna
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